Electrofusion Machines

Acuster Global

Little Beat 20-160220-240V1800WYesWA578002
MV Standard 20-450220-240V3500WNoWA178047
Beat 2*20-710220-240V3500WYesWA178072
Beat TR *20-710220-240V3500WYesWA178043
Beat HF 20-1200220-240V3500WYesWA178802

Classification according ISO 12176-2 P2 4US1 VKAXP2 4US1 VKAXP2 4US1 VKAX
Languages Multilingual (consult available languages) 
Date TimeManual
Operator   Manual + barcode according to ISO 12176-3 
Job  Manual + barcode according to ISO 12176-4 
Auxiliary data   Manual + Barcode
Traceability   Manual + barcode according to ISO 12176-4 
Mains voltage 195 Vac a 265 Vac. Nominal voltage: 230 Vac
Mains frequency45 Hz a 65 Hz. Nominal frequency: 50 Hz 
Electrofusion voltage 8 a 48 Vac with galvanic isolation
Power consumption3500 W maximum
Recommended generator Power: 4,5 kVA single phase; electronic regulation 
Protection fuse Exterior from 20 A a 230 Vac
Protection typeDouble isolation IP54 I AR series: Double isolation IP43
Duty factor20 to 100% (according to fitting diameter); Serie AR: 40 a 100% Electronic unit temperature control
Temperature of use Information, with no limits (recommended according to ISO 12176-2 de -10 a 40°C)
Display LCD, 2 lines x 20 characters, backlit 
BuzzerPiezoelectric buzzer
Manual input of fusion dataVoltage: Multi voltage I Time: Up to 5.940 seconds (99 minutes)
Automatic input of fusion data Barcode according to ISOITR 13950
Internal memory capacity  - 1000 fusions
Front, keyboard and frameDistinctive green front with tactile sensation membrane pushbuttons, tubular frame angled at 20°
Other specifications Smooth start-up and warning in case of voltage failure on start-up 
Mains cable3 x 2,5 mm2 (Schuko plug) 4 m length
Electrofusion cables 1x10 mm2 with a length of 4 m (4 mm diameter terminals)
Optic pen Iscanner Unintelligent infrareds. Optional laser scanner
Connection for optic pen,
Scanner, PC & Serial Printer
 Combined TTLTTL I special RS-232 combined
AccessoriesRear bag for electrofusion adapters of 4 and 4,7 mm
Optic pen I scanner
Optional  ODS transmission cable
(PC and printer connection) I Serial printer
Dimensions and weightHeight: 425 mm; width: 370 mm; depth: 230 mm I Net weight: 23 kg