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Acuster Electrofusion Welders

Acuster Global is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of machinery and accessories for fluid pipe work. Created in 1973, Acuster have became a world wide brand name, well known for their Electro Fusion Machines.

Ital Tecnodue Plastic Welders

Ital Trade Service(ITS) are best known for manufacturing the well known Italian brand Tecnodue, specifically the PT Series Field Butt-fusion Welders. ITS is also the main supplier of Socket Welders, Workshop Welding and Hand Welding Machines to Agru, and boasts one of the biggest ranges of field and workshop machines up to 3 meters.

Buttweld Machines PT Series

Incorporating the latest European technology in High Pressure Welding, the Tecnodue PTCAR Series, the Track Series and PT Machines are suitable for the butt welding of pipes and fittings made of PE, PE100, PP, PVDF and other
thermoplastic materials for pressure.

PT models:

PT 125, 40-125 mm
PT 160, 40-160 mm
PT 200, 63-200 mm
PT 250, 63-250 mm
PT 315, 90-315 mm
PT 355, 90-355 mm
PT 500, 200-500 mm
PT 630, 315-630 mm
PT 800, 450-800 mm
PT 1000, 630-1000 mm
PT 1200, 630-1200 mm
PT 1600, 1000-1600 mm