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Piping Systems for Gas, Water and Wastewater

Plastic manufacturer AGRU offers under the brand AGRULINE a wide selection of HDPE pipes, fittings, valves and special components made of PE 100-RC / PE 100 / PE-Xa for gas and water supply and wastewater disposal.

All popular, positive joining technologies such as heating element butt welding, E-socket welding and socket welding can be used, thus ensuring flexible laying of plastic piping systems even in very individual conditions.
Renovation of old piping systems is not just important in wastewater disposal today, but increasingly in water and gas supplies. Due to the increase in applications in this area, AGRULINE’s great product diversity is hugely important. For trenchless installation or installation without sand embedding of piping systems for gas, water and wastewater, AGRU crack- and concentrated-load resistant Sureline pipes made of PE 100-RC, or SurePEX pipes, are an excellent solution. AGRU SureFIT liners, which are laid using the close-fit method are the perfect choice for renovating legacy pipes without leaving an annular space.

The cost intensity of the installation or renovation of supply networks poses massive requirements on the pipe material and/or the products themselves to guarantee a permanently leak-tight piping system for generations.