suction pipes

Suction Pipes

The suction pipe is one of the most underrated components of a pump system. It serves an essential function in ensuring that the overall pump system runs smoothly and without problems. This article examines some essential aspects of suction piping and its applications. What is a Suction Pipe? Suction pipes [...]

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Water Pipes

Plastic is mainly used for making water pipes. There are many reasons why plastic is the most popular choice for pipe manufacturing. Although steel, cast iron, and copper are still good pipe materials, plastic offers many advantages over them. In fact, plastic pipes have many advantages over metal pipes. However, [...]

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AGRUCHEM industrial piping system

Industrial Pipes

In many industries and applications, industrial pipes are used for transportation of solids and fluids. Industrial pipes and fittings play a vital role in our modern society. They transport water, gas, sewage, etc., and provide essential services for industries such as oil and natural gas pipelines, power plants, chemical processing [...]

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black drainage pipes

Drainage Pipes

Drainage is an important part of the infrastructure from ancient times to the present day and is done in many ways. Drainage pipes are required in every location to take wastewater from our homes and industrial areas. There are different types of drainage pipes available depending on the application. The [...]

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agricultural pipes in irrigation system

Agricultural Pipes

Irrigation management is required for an efficient irrigation system to work properly, and it must be attentive to the sorts of equipment used as well as regular inspection of their functionality. For irrigation systems to operate effectively, it is important to have the proper agricultural pipes and connections in place. [...]

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large sewer pipes

Sewer Pipes

One of the most costly and inconvenient home plumbing difficulties is repairing or replacing a sewage line on your property. The quality and type of materials utilised in your drains, as well as the craftsmanship level of the plumber or plumbing firm you hired, are the first and most important [...]

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Meet our team

At Agru Australia, we pride ourselves on supporting Australian industry with high quality equipment.  At Agru Australia, we pride ourselves on supporting Australian industry with high quality equipment. Here are the key contact staffs:  Kristie Van Der Graaf, Sales Chiara Kemp, Sales Andrew Prior, General Manager Vivian Jiang, Marketing Sam [...]

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